Granny’s Corner in a nutshell

Granny’s Corner is a centre of voluntary elderly work in Tampere and a drop-in centre open to people of all ages. The activities were the first of their kind to be established in Finland in 1989. Granny’s Corner is part of the diaconia of the Evangelical Lutheran Parishes. 

What are the principles of the activity? 

  • Every elderly person is entitled to human dignity and full participation in society.
  • Everyone interested in voluntary work is entitled to a task suited to their skills and situation in life as well as participation in society. 
  • The activities of Granny’s Corner build and strengthen the sense of community among people. 

What do volunteers do? 

  • Support elderly people in living at home.
  • Bring variety and happiness into the life of institutions and assisted living.
  • Organize sessions in the drop-in centre.
  • Help with office tasks and news reporting.
  • Collect funds for recreation for elderly people and volunteers, for a children’s intensive care unit and godchildren in India.
  • Develop new ways of helping: love for one’s neighbour is creative. Join us! 

How do volunteers work?

  • Need only the skills of an ordinary person in their work.
  • Support and complement the work of professionals.
  • Pledge secrecy.
  • Do not accept payment for their tasks.
  • Respect an elderly person’s opinions and view of life.

Who have joined us already?

  • There are over 1.000 volunteers.
  • Many enterprises, communities and private persons support Granny’s Corner.
  • There are families with babies, students, unemployed people, retired people, migrants, people having a holiday… 
  • The average age of volunteers is about 60.
  • There are about 200 men, working especially as janitors.
  • If one wants, one can get a reference for voluntary work.
  • One may commit to the tasks for as long as one can, wants or has the energy.
Everyone can do something, together we can do anything!